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You Can Write About Anything (almost)

I recently had my first article for Gokhshstein media go live. It is a website dedicated to all things cryptocurrency, something I know nothing about. They happen to have a lifestyle section and a Linkedin colleague of mine happens to be an editor for them and now I have my first article published on the site. I have two more lined up.

There are two lesson here:

  1. Do not limit yourself when it comes to writing.

I have written about topics I know nothing- less than nothing-about. Asbestos abatement in Colorado, the best binoculars for astronomy hobbyists, Reiki and the list goes on and on. You do not need to be a subject matter expert to write expertly about most any subject. A good writer is also a good researcher and with search engines at my disposal I have written about industries, products and services that I have no experience with. I enjoy the challenge of learning about something new. It also provides me with opportunity to find new writing jobs based on the research I have done on a certain topic for another client interested in it. Most business owners are an expert in their business or industry but not writers. All that knowledge is useless if you can't organize it, present it in a succinct way that the public or your intended audience can understand all while making sure your grammar, spelling and punctuation are spot on. I can take what a subject matter expert knows and write about it expertly.

2. You don't need a subject matter expert to write your business blog, website content or social media posts.

You know your industry, your business, everything there is to know about what you do. A good writer can take what you know and create website copy, blogs, social media posts, press releases, case studies, etc. with an interview and some editing for you because they know everything about good writing. Two subject matter experts are better than one. Find a writer whose style you like, chat them up about what you need and save yourself the time and hassle of trying to hammer out your own posts or website copy. Spend that time and effort on running your business instead.


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